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Headshots Portraits & Model Photography FAQ

  1. What is TFP?

    TFP stands for "Time For Print" when a photographer agrees to arrange a photo session with a model without looking for a compensation. It would be wrong to assume that TFP stands for a free photo shoot, as photographer's time preparing for the shoot, photo session itself, postproduction and amortization of expensive equipment is NOT free. TFP is more beneficial for a model than a photographer. As part of a mutual agreement for TFP session a photographer might ask for model's participation in a creative project enriching photographer portfolio [Model Release is required]. In general signing a contract for a test shoot is not required if photographs deriving from TFP shoot are intended for private viewing only.

  2. I got a test shoot tomorrow, any advice?

    Get some rest before the photo session - no parties till late, you don't want to look tired! Be confident, spend some time in front of the mirror and know your best pose, facial expression. Take a good care of your skin, or even have facial done at home by using products like Healing Clay. Using steam or hot water wash your face and apply moisturizer. Use as little makeup as possible. Let Max know in advance if you need a make-up artist.

  3. What should I wear to my test photoshoot?

    Flip through your favorite fashion mags and try to copy outfits you think are interesting and "stylized". What tends to work best on women are strappy tops in white or neutrals/color (blues, reds, grays) and tight long sleeve tops in solid colors, preferably dark. For men: Classic shirts or tight Tee shirts, jeans- Black is always in style. Bring anything you think you look good in.

  4. What is a model release. Will I need to sign one?

    Model release and proof of age is required. A model release is a legal release signed by the model granting permission to publish the photograph in one form or another.

  5. What is the best place to have my head shots done?

    Headshots are shot on location at your place of work, home or outdoors with studio quality lighting.

  6. What is a comp card?

    Model Composite Card is like a business card for models. Models need to have their comp cards for model casting calls updated with their stats, fresh shots and contact info. To learn more about comp cards, layout and ordering please go to Model Mayhem

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