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Virtual Tour Photography FAQ

  1. How much do Virtual Tours cost?

    It Depends on size of the shoot, number of VT spots and location of your business / home. Please register or login to see Virtual Tours photography price list

  2. I don't have a website, can i still order a Virtual Tour?

    Absolutely! Even if you don't own a web site but have any online presence like a Facebook page, a business listing or any vacation rental listing including VRBO, Max is offering Hosted Virtual Tour packages

  3. What if my property/business is not ready for photography or we need to reschedule?

    Photographer is expected to start shooting at arrival time, max 15 minutes is allowed for last minute preparations, if a delay over 15 minutes occurs, your virtual tour photography will be rescheduled and you will be assessed a $65 rescheduling fee.

  4. We own a multimillion dollar property and don't want random people seeing it online, only a few potential buyers. How can we go about it?

    No problem! Max Bossman can create a virtual tour for you on a CD to mail to your customers, or upload it to online vault where it will be password protected.

  5. We are a real estate company and don't have a budget for 360 Virtual Tours. We thought of splitting a cost with property owners but it doesn't sound professional. What should we do?

    The answer is simple, if you are selling a property and have an exclusive listing you should be looking into leveraging your advertising expenses, virtual tours perform excellent online. Find a budget for that and you will be rewarded with faster ROI. On the other hand if it's a multiple agencies listing or a vacation rental - then you should talk to the owner and suggest calling Max Bossman to help enhancing their listing with a virtual tour.

  6. I tried saving some money by ordering a Virtual Tour online and taking pictures myself, but ended up calling a professional photographer, how do you make your virtual tours so crisp?

    Max uses state of art professional equipment including wide angle full frame lenses to make the rooms feel as large as they really are, lighting, tripods, precise 360 panorama measuring and mapping equipment. When standard lenses are used, spaces appear smaller and images are not optimized.

  7. What is so special about virtual tours you make

    Max doesn't use outdated JavaScript technology or other special browser plugins visitors would have to download and install in order to view virtual tours. Flash format is the most favorable because 97% of computers worldwide have Flash installed. But that's not enough - Apple devices like iPhones and iPads do not support Flash. Max utilized HTML5 fallback mechanism to have your tour working flawlessly on any modern device.

  1. How Do You Make Virtual Tours?

    Next step is stitching photographs into one 360 sphere panoramic image. There is a good number of software applications on the market for stitching, but just a fraction of them really work as advertised. This task can also become pretty complicated without precise measuring, overlapping and nodal consistency. The most difficult cases are ceilings, sky, walls and floors with repeating pattern.

  2. How Do You Make Virtual Tours?

    And last but not least is exporting the panoramic image into a virtual tour and adding interactive features like hotspots, interlinking, floor plans etc.