360 Virtual Tour Photographer

"Open your doors to invite more clients with the help of 360 Virtual Tour.

Open your doors to invite more clients! Give your potential customers a virtual tour of your business or property in the comfort of their chairs and they will knock on your door the very next day. 360 Virtual Tours add a real new dimension and bring web sites to life.

Using state of art equipment and cutting edge software on the top of years of photography experience, Max will create a high impact interactive virtual tour for your business, real estate listing or vacation rental property.

Virtual Tour Features

  • Virtual Tours that will work on any desktop computer as well as iPhones/iPads.
  • Sharp images taken with wide angle lenses utilizing HDR photography to solve interior/exterior exposure difference.
  • Affordable! NO recurring monthly fees, you own it.
  • Full frame seamless 360 degrees Virtual Tours [not some photo slide shows]!
  • Customizable with hot spots, interactive web links, audio narration, navigation, maps etc

Max Bossman is one of the few photographers in Massachusetts to create 360 virtual tours that will work on any platform or device by utilizing HTML5 technology for Apple/PC computers, iPhones, iPads, modern web browsers. Seamless Flash / HTML5 fallback feature is used to allow anybody to be able to see your tour without technical glitches.

Architectural, real estate and vacation rentals virtual tours

Today more and more real estate, architectural and interior design companies chose virtual tours as a tool to promote and showcase their portfolios. Panoramic 360 Virtual Tours help realtors selling homes faster than static images ever could, because potential home buyers get an even better understanding of your property for sale and ready to take action.

  • How many times have you been requested to email more pictures of the property you have listed for rent or sale?
  • Do you have a "Virtual Tour" feature for your listing, but it's actually just a fancy sideshow?

Selling your property can be costly and time consuming. Traditional advertising such as newspaper ads, brochures, and open houses have a limited reach. The Internet is now being used to extend the marketing of your property. As of recent, realtors in the U.S. have been using 360 virtual tours. This now provides sellers with an enormous additional audience.
According to REALTOR.com®, an average online listing with a virtual tour receives 38% more views than listings without tours. Major MLS real estate sites such as Realtor, Trulia, Zillow and others are now accepting Virtual Tours in addition to traditional picture galleries.

Virtual tours are like having a 24x7 open house available online to bring serious buyers to the door. It's a tool to help you and consumers pre-qualify properties, saving everyone time. Property listings with virtual tours get far more hits than those without. This means you sell your property faster and will also save you time and money!

Using VT 360 is a powerful way for you to differentiate yourself from other agents in your area, and secure more listings. Telling a prospective client that you will have a 360 virtual tour of their listing created and posted online for worldwide exposure is a strong incentive for them to list with you!

Virtual tours can be accompanied by a professionally voiced audio track with description of your home and allows you to quickly communicate the selling points of your home.

Business Virtual Tours: hotels, restaurants, bars, gyms, salons, retail shops.

Have you ever seen companies giving away free samples? That's right, a Virtual Tour is a free sample. According to the Law of Familiarity people tend to buy products they have sampled or feel more comfortable in places they have already visited.

Customers tend to come back to the same spot over and over because it feels good to know you are in control, you know what's where - parking, entrance, interior, restroom. Now, how do deal with the situation when you want to attract new customers overcoming the law of familiarity?
Correct - by providing a virtual experience of visiting your business - an interactive Virtual Tour.

On average, consumers visit 4-7 web sites before making a hotel booking, studies show that one of the most effective ways of impacting the online consumer 's buying decision is with "rich content" such as 360 degrees virtual tours, videos, flash presentations etc. One such study showed that Radisson hotels that feature videos and virtual tours on Radisson.com are averaging 52% more online revenues than those that do not.

Virtual Tours are the future of marketing!

"Rich media like videos or virtual tours generates 46% more sales than still images.

Google and Microsoft spent a lot of time and money perfecting their 360 virtual tour solutions. Google recently launched their new service Google Business Photos, it's a new addition to the Google's Street View which allows online visitors to walk around and explore your business inside. It's a relatively new product and it's free to have your virtual tour featured on your Google business listing.

Max Bossman offers premium quality, engaging tours with dynamic, stimulating and interactive display formats. Viewers control the camera to zoom in, out, up or down to see details that interest them the most, making themselves comfortable with what you have to offer and turning from random online visitors into your loyal potential customers. 360 virtual tours provide the most cost effective marketing solution that leaves a lasting impression and sets you and your services apart from the competition. Every virtual tour can be personalized to your requirements with hot spots, interactive web links, multiple tour interlinking, full screen, audio, navigation, maps and more.

Virtual Tour Photography FAQ

  1. I don't have a website, can i still order a Virtual Tour?

    Absolutely! Even if you don't own a web site but have any online presence like a Facebook page, a business listing or any vacation rental listing including VRBO, Max is offering Hosted Virtual Tour packages

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Virtual Tour Photographer Client Reviews

real estate photographer reviewThanks for the photos, Max. They are outstanding! We will definitely have you for another shoot - the office and the condo.

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