New York Fashion Week - World Peace Bridal Dress, Laila Wazna Designer

Couture Fashion Week New York

09 Sep 2013

Couture Fashion Week New York - Spring/Summer 2014, NYFW Andres Aquino

Cory Couture

Cory CoutureManhattan based designer with Vietnamese background Cory Dung Tran launched his first vibrant couture collection Cory Couture in 2009 blending Asian and Southern styles.

Couture Fashion Week, NY

Since then Cory's artistic expressions have gained recognition in the fashion industry and captivated celebrities and fashion publications like Toni Braxton, Channel Iman, Tyra Banks, Kelly Rowland, Brandy, Pussycat Dolls, American Next Top Models, Victoria Secret SM, Miss World, Miss Universe, Elle, Cosmo, Maxim, Haute Couture.

World Peace - Laila Wazna

Laila WaznaI wish peace to the whole world, I love everyone from all my heart and wish happiness to all communities.

Laila Wazna

To put an emphasis on her statement Laila, touched by the latest events in Syria garnished a piece of wedding veil with Swarovski Crystals spelling World Peace which became a centerpiece of her collection. She drew immediate attention from fashion critics, audience and press when a model dressed in one of Laila's bridal dresses walked out in total silence.

Janerations - Janina Stankiene

Janina StankieneJanerations' unique designs have captured a loyal following among sophisticated knit couture luxury fashion lovers.

Couture Fashion Week, NY

Janina Stankiene impressed me with her detail-oriented, humble shy personality. She presented her elegant hand-knitted dresses and swimwear in Janerations collection. To see more of Janina's creations, please visit her website:

Port of Style - Andres Aquino

Andres Aquino This nautical line is the culmination of a common vision that Andres and I have shared for our love of the seaside and ocean life. The collection is unique, stylish, eclectic and functional.

Magdaline Delany, Oceanie Club and Entrepreneurs

Andres Aquino, fashion designer and founder of the Couture Fashion Week, launched a luxury line of exquisite swimwear and wraps under the brand Port of Style.