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Toni & Matt's Wedding Rhode Island

30 Jun 2012

I was excited to photograph Matthew and Antonia's wedding not only because I wanted to witness my close friends getting married but also my birthday was on the same day so it was a double celebration. The ceremony and reception took place in their home in Cranston, RI. Toni allowed me a freedom of creative choise and asked to take some pictures with a photojournalistic approach. What's amazing is that there were several weddings going on around and when our party released Kongming lanterns, some neighboring crowd had a decent fireworks going on. This was one unforgettable event I enjoy remembering where I made new friends and allowed myself a glass of champagne.

wedding photographer on martha's vineyard I wish that I could give Max more than 5 stars! LOVE his work. He has the unique ability to catch perfect moments. I gave him free reign on the day and what he came up with was beyond what I was hoping for. He captured the joy, excitement, and overall celebratory feel of the day perfectly. He is a true gem and we are so grateful to have him as a friend.....and a fabulous photographer to keep in our back pocket for ALL of our future events! Thank you Max! xoxo

Antonia B., RI5 star wedding photographer